About me

img_6250-square-small-smallI’m a seeker and have been for as long as I remember, but somehow thought that the point was to find something. I pursued a “solid” education, worked in different areas of IT Security and was always happy for a while. But at some point I got the itch of a new challenge. Trying something new, exploring something different. For a more than five years now I’ve been fascinated by the way the human as a whole works and how to find ways to heal old wounds, by using a holistic approach of connectedness with body, mind, spirit and the world and the nature we are a part of. During my journey I took all kinds of courses (Permaculture Design, Integral Coaching, Training, Wilderness Guide) and also had a lot of useful life lessons along the way. All my experiences taught me a lot about myself, what is possible and what I am capable of.

Now I am embracing the fact, that for me, it’s actually not about the journey of looking for something, but merely looking, trying out all kinds of things, making all kinds of experiences, following my wild roots…

And I want to share my journey with you, showing what is possible, encouraging to walk your own path, wherever it may lead.