Since I’ve come a long way through different areas of experience, I’m applying a very unique approach to all the services that I’m offering. In the background of everything I do, these are the influences that drive me the most:

  • Coyote Teaching
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Interconnectedness

Coyote Teaching

This form of teaching is based on a way of natural learning practiced by a lot of indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It is actually more like mentoring, as it works on many levels in the background, guiding the students to find their own answers.

Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel was used by indigenous cultures as a way to connect everything. It represents natural cycles of the four seasons, the four elements, the course of the sun during the day, life itself, and so many more layers. It’s a way of looking at life not as a linear thing, but as an ever-renewing cycle. It’s not about up and down, good and bad, but embracing different stages of development as equally important.


Every person consists of a lot of different parts (body, mind, soul) that are all interconnected and impact one another. And just like in a small way, every human, every animal, every plant are connected in this big organism that’s the universe. It’s a complex and holistic view of the world and everything it it.